Coach J

Jovonna Townsend, better known as Coach J, is a POWERHOUSE!

She is the Founder of T33NPHILLY LLC and the HERE I AM WARRIOR Tour. Coach J is an in-demand entrepreneur, expert runway coach, youth advocate, creative  director, and motivational speaker with over 10 years of experience.


Coach J is authentic, youthful, bold and down to earth.
Her personality allows her to engage and capture the attention of the toughest youth; in addition to, heroically sharing shocking experiences endured throughout her life that makes her relatable to most.


Coach J’s fearless attitude pushes her continually produce phenomenal results. Working with hundreds of youth, young adults, and parent-caregivers has made her one of the most loved and respected leaders in her city.  Coach J’s journey wasn’t the easiest nor is it over; in fact, it’s just getting started as she’s on a mission to inspire globally! Perseverance and ambition rewarded her with many accomplishments over the years to name a few; First Place Winner “Hype Hair Magazine’s Natural Beauty Nationwide Runway Contest”; Top Ten Winner, Ford Motor’s & Steve Harvey’s “Taurus Top Ten” Nationwide Community Leader Competition; Contracting with local residential homes (group homes); and presenting at JEVS Employment Advancement And Retention Network (EARN) programs throughout the tri-state area.