T33NPHILLY LLC focuses on helping girls reach their fullest potential in the areas of self-esteem, leadership, positive body image, professional development, entrepreneurship, and emotional well-being. We provide a positive platform that allows young ladies to utilize their creative talents on and off the stage.


Over the years, hundreds of youth (both boys and girls) including youth who reside in group homes have benefited from T33NPHILLY’S guidance, creativity, life skills programming, special events, and unique runway training that enhances poise, posture, and self-confidence.


T33NPHILLY LLC partnered with organizations such as Nu Sigma Beacon Program, Saint Mary’s The Villa, Carson Valley Children’s Aid, and Champs For Autism. Companies such as Camille La Vie, JUSTICE, PINK have partnered with T33NPHILLY. If your organization/company would like to partner with T33NPHILLY, contact us today!